Original Poster

Mounted On Canvas (1/21)

  • Guignolet F. Guery 1894 Poster Original Interior Litho On Canvas 25x30cm 1894
  • 3rd Borrowing Of National Defense 1917 Original Poster Linen Backed Jean Right
  • France Championship Boxing Evreux 1959 Original Poster On Canvas 55x69cm
  • Steam Boats Co. North Original Poster Entoilée (a. Brenet 1950)
  • Pin-up To The Original Eventailaffiche Entoilée Offset Roger Brard 50-51 34x51cm
  • Pin-up Fire Original Poster On Canvas 34x73cm Offset Brenot 1951
  • Florist Roses To Original Poster Linen Backed Carols (brenot) 1950-1951 34x51cm
  • Pippermint Get Displays Original Interior Entoilée According Auzolle 30x46cm
  • Pastis 51 / Oil & Provence Original Poster On Canvas 42x62cm 24 May 70
  • P. Delpire Original Poster Entoilée Enghien Les Bains Circa 1940-1950